Ac Technician

Looking for UAE experienced AC technician with experience in installation, maintenance and repair of all kinds of Air conditioning equipment- Split AC, window AC, chillers etc 

Job Description- 

AC technicians will be involved in the repair installation and maintenance of air conditioners They answer calls from customers wanting to have their air conditioners looked at repaired or to have preventative or regular maintenance performed on them 

  • Assist in installing, inspecting, maintaining and repairing air conditioners, electrical control, wiring as well as lighting systems 
  • Conduct regular maintenance work on cooling units 
  • Study technical diagrams and blueprints to deliver good results 
  • Identify electrical, mechanical defects as well as malfunctions and provide solutions 
  • Required to install new air-conditioning systems as well as equipment 
  • Plan and design new air-conditioning systems 
  • Fix electrical issues with the help of the right testing devices 
  • Conduct general electrical maintenance on electrical equipment 
  • Repair damaged equipment

Job ID: JOB0003 | Apply From: 13 Aug 2019| Closing Date: 01 Dec 2019
Ac Technician

Plumber With Electrician

Looking for candidates with Plumbing, Electrical work experience in UAE.

Job Description- 

  • Install, test and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus etc.
  • Check electrical systems, equipment and components to identify hazards, defects and the need for adjustment or repair
  • Generate working schedules for electrical works
  • Assist in monitoring and regulating the usage of water
  • Check plumbing systems for leaks and other problems
  • Fit pipes and fixtures for example sinks and toilets
  • Carry out inspections of plumbing systems to identify and replace worn parts
  • Manage repairs and plumbing maintenance works
  • Conduct routine checks for repairs and maintenance of water and drainage system
  • Assist in repairing and servicing of electrical machines
  • Maintain records relating to plumbing works
  • Any miscellaneous duties as specified by your superior from time to time.

Job ID: JOB0005 | Apply From: 13 Aug 2019| Closing Date: 30 Nov 2019
Plumber With Electrician

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